Welcome to our Topsy-Turvy catalogue site. We are collectors, Sally Dore and Betula O'Neill, who began to sell children's books to help us buy more for our own collections of books. Below the illustration on this page you will find details of what we have on our website.

Our catalogue. Here is our new winter catalogue We have a wide range of children's books and a choice selection of titles for adults. We have very much enjoyed our contact with other children's book devotees over the years, and we do hope you'll enjoy browsing. 

Conference:  We organise conferences every two years on the overall theme of Twentieth Century Schoolgirls and Their Books. Our next conference will be held in August 2024, and you can click  here  to go to our new conference website for more information and a booking form.  If you'd like to see what previous conference talks were like, we have published the talks from the 2nd to the 6th conferences, please see the catalogue for details. The book of talks from our 7th conference, held in August 2022, will be published very shortly.

Best wishes, Betula and Sally

We also do gift certificates if you'd like to add them to your birthday or Christmas wish list and be certain of getting something you like! (Those on our mailing list get advance warning of when our new catalogues are issued - contact either of us to be added.)

Both of us stock the new titles published by Greyladies and by Girls Gone By Publishers (GGBP), Books to Treasure, and some other publishers. Click here for further details.

Schooldays at the Abbey

We hope you will find our site interesting and perhaps track down a book you’ve been seeking. Although we do occasionally include books written for adults, and a few picture books, we concentrate on twentieth century children's fiction, with school stories a particular strength.

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Please see the Information on forthcoming books for some of the newly reprinted classics that are coming up soon. Don't forget, we can supply our Topsy-Turvy gift certificates to your nearest and dearest if you want to request them for your birthday and make sure you'll get a present you really do want! Or how about asking for one for Easter - better for the waistline than a chocolate Easter Egg, and more lasting too!

Only those on our mailing list receive advance information about our new sales lists. If you would like to be added, please see the relevant section of our Catalogues page.

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